16" Buffer Brush Carpet Stain Applicator Pad

Product ID: BB16

MFG: Freedom Industries
MFG Part Number: BB16

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This is truly a valuable tool for reducing the labor, cost & fatigue of staining wood floors. Buffer Brush Stain Applicators, designed to be used with a buffer, will save you time and gets the worker off his knees, all while evenly applying stain consistently. No stain treatment (Stainmaster, Scotchgard, Staingard, etc) contamination transfer (100% Polyester Brush face)
Buffer Brush Stain Applicators - Freedom from Everyday Work Applies stain to wood floors using a buffer. This gets the worker off his knees, which prevents fatigue and allows the worker to accomplish more work in a much shorter period of time. Thousands of polyester fibers hold the stain and apply it evenly and consistently, without creating splatter.

The buffers performance, weight and RPM, cannot be consistently matched by a worker applying the stain manually. Applicators are convenient and ready to use; no cutting and simple instructions. We use only 100% polyester fiber, which means there is no chance of cross-contamination from stain treatments normally found on most carpets.