Duct & Masking Tapes, Masking Film
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3M Scotch® Automotive Refinish Masking Tape 233, 06330, 1/4 in x 60 yd
High adhesion ensures tape sticks and stays when applied, no lifting or edge curl
Excellent conformability holds tight on curves and contours
Designed to resists bleed-through and adhesive transfer
Removes cleanly for up to five days
High performance masking tape provides outstanding paint lines
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3M ScotchBlue™ WALLS+WOOD FLOORS Painter's Tape, 2080EL-18EC-G, .70 in x 60 yd.
For surfaces that require a little extra care, ScotchBlue™ WALLS + WOOD FLOORS Painter’s Tape is ideal for walls, wood floors, cabinets, freshly painted surfaces at least 24 hours old, and other delicate surfaces. This tape features Advanced Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector, so it delivers super sharp paint lines and clean removal for your more sensitive projects, including accent walls, decorative stripes and patterns. Whether you're protecting your hardwood floors from paint splatter or going all out with a decorative mural, rely on ScotchBlue™ WALLS + WOOD FLOORS Painter's Tape–for a professional look that's easy on your surfaces.
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3M™ Multi-Use Duct Tape 2960-A 1.88 in x 60 yd (48.0 mm x 54.8 m)
From the shop to your home, 3M™ Multi-Use Duct Tape is a staple for every toolbox. Equipped with strong adhesive, this duct tape lets you quickly patch, bundle and repair so you can move on to your next task. This essential tape is super easy to apply and hand tears lengthwise or crosswise for versatility. Regrip your hammer or seal a care package with the reliable strength of 3M™ Multi-Use Duct Tape.
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