Sanding Screens
Sizes avilable: 7", 15", 16", 17" & 20" diameter.Rectangular in 12" X 18" and 28" X 14".
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3M™ Sanding Screen Discs, 7 in x .3125 in, 100 Grit
3M™ Sanding Screen Discs remove raised wood grain in the final sanding stage and scuffing between finish coats. Silicon carbide bonded to an open mesh for less loading, more consistency. Provides a longer life.
Available Stock: 160
$1.54 / DISC
Clarke BOOST Sand Screens, 100 grit 28^ X 14^
Wet screening cleans and preps the surface for lasting
adhesion of a new coating. BOOST's high speed orbital action and minimal solution usage coupled with fast and immediate solution pickup is the most productive tool in producing the highest quality gym floor surface
Available Stock: 50
MFG: Clarke
$19.15 / EA
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Wood Floors Unlimited sells high quality floor sanding screens for buffing and sanding hardwood floors. We offer a variety of brands, grades and sizes to make shopping and replacing a sanding screen easy.

Our selection of screens comes from the top manufacturers in the industry including 3M, Clarke and Norton.

Popular Norton sanding screens include Red Heat and Silicon Carbide. 3M's Silicon Carbide is another popular option that provides consistent results.