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Edger discs are used on handheld edger machines to sand areas on a floor where a regular belt or drum sander can't reach. Available in a variety of sizes to fit the American Sanders EZ-E, Super 7R, CE7 Pro+ and B-2+ Edgers, as well as the Lagler Randmeister, Elan, Flip and Unico Edgers.
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Hook and Loop Edger discs for the Lagler Flip edger with 2 1/4" corner attachment.
We are your one-stop-shop for hook and loop edger discs. Our 6" & 7" discs are compatible with multi-disc machines and edger sanders for a finer finish and flatter floor.
We carry a variety of brands and series, including the 3M Resinite, Bona Black, Blue or Green Ceramic, Lagler Silicon Carbide, Norton BlueFire or Red Heat. Each disc offers a level of abrasive that will increase productivity and provide consistent results.
We carry floor sanding edger discs in a wide variety of sizes including one of the more popular sizes, 7" x 5/16". These small hole bolt-on edger discs fit a number of machines like the American Sanders B-2+ and the Essex Silverline. Choose from a quality selection of 3M and Norton products including 3M's Regalite and Nortons Durite, BlueFire and Red Heat series.
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Choose from our selection of compatible products, from top brands like 3M and Bona. Popular options from 3M include Regalite and Resinite. Our sanding discs offer great productivity and value, and we offer easy ordering and competitive pricing.