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Norton Hook & Loop discs, 8" X 0, P60 grit, Red Heat (H955 paper)

Product ID: NO78112-2

MFG: Norton
MFG Part Number: 662610-78112-2

Available Stock: 630
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$57.15 / 30/CASE
Abrasive : Ceramic Alumina
Attachment : Hook & Loop
Backing Material : F-wt. Paper
Max Operating Speed Guideline : Determined by back-up pad
Abrasive Type : Coated
Use this Red Heat H955 CA coarse grit paper H&L floor sanding disc for larger coarse grit jobs on tough surfaces such as hard woods, parquet and multi-species floors, and harder aluminum oxide finishes. The ceramic alumina grain provides sharp and fast cutting combined with the smoothest finish and cleanest scratch pattern in the industry. The grain is backed by an ultra-tough F-weight paper that resists tearing and snagging even during aggressive cutting. The hook and loop back mounts and dismounts quickly, while the disc's assured color consistency lets you work without worrying about color transfer.

*100%, exceptionally sharp, fastest cutting, ceramic alumina grain delivers the cleanest scratch pattern and smoothest finishes in the industry
*Ultra- tough, stiff F-weight backing cuts more aggressively, and resists tearing and snagging
*No risk of color transfer with assured color consistency
*Best coarse grit choice for larger coarse grit jobs, harder A/O finishes, hardest wood species, and parquet and multi-species floors; hook and loop back for easy disc mounting and changing