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Waffle disc, 4 1/2", SIC Premium (cloth), #120

Product ID: CENO-KZ255-120

MFG Part Number: KZ255-120

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$94.55 / CTN/100
Waffle ears fold up to glide over overwood, end joints & wind shakes without ripping or tearing, leaving a flat, smooth & evenly sanded floor.
*Sands to a piano top finish
*Will not remove spring wood like over the counter discs
* No swirl marks or halos
*SIC Premium cloth - leaves best finish due to "self sharpening". Mineral fractures easily and stays sharp.
* Lasts 9-1 over paper discs
* Black hook & loop
*Recommended for dark or stained floors
*Use with Ceno Satellite tool or other random orbits that can use a 4 1/2" disc